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Need scheduling advice

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Need scheduling advice
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My husband and I are parents of six and expecting number seven at Christmas time, and my oldest child is eight. I homeschool my three oldest, and school days are becoming slowly more disheveled along with my house! Is there any advice on how to fit school, activities, housework, and individual time in when you just want to take a nap? I know this is a general question, so I will give the only specific problem I have noticed, on math days I find it VERY difficult to focus. I really dread them actually. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Hmmm....I don't feel very qualified to answer your question. I have 4 kids, and I DO NOT have it all together, or even close. But I did have an 8yo last year, and a 6yo (doing 1st and 3rd grade), and one thing that worked for us was putting the 3rd grader in control of his work. Each week, I gave my ds a copy of his portion of the lesson plans, and he would use it like a checklist. On a good day, I would start the day with the things that I HAD to do with him - religion and Math, then move on to the same with my 1st grade dd. In this way, I was able to get most of the teacher-intensive work finished before lunch. Also, the 8yo was able to work independently on a lot, and he knew that whenever we weren't working together, he was to work on the things he could do independently. Midway through the year, the kids were given a DS and we won a Wii in a raffle. We used time with the video games as an incentive for finishing a certain amount of work by lunch time. My 1st grader began asking for a checklist too, but she wouldn't have been able to use a copy of my plans. So in the 2nd half of the year (once she could read well enough), I started writing out a simple list of what she could do independently each day. It was a much shorter list (she needed me for almost everything), and she wasn't able to stay focused like the 8yo was, but even so, it was freeing for me to know that she could always look at her list for the couple things I didn't need to do with her.
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Wow, I have nine, but not that close together. Your hands are full.
With your oldest being 8, my guess is you are doing something like 3rd, 2nd and K? More or less?
My suggestion is don't sweat the big stuff. For K and 1st, get the math, reading, and religion done. I don't even add much history or science until second grade. Or do all this stuff together. Read to them as you are lying down. Do math with them as you lie down. Have them read to you as you lie down. Have them come to you in shifts to do their work with you.
As far as housework, as long as your family has clean clothes, clean dishes, and food prepared, that's all they REALLY need. The vacuuming and dusting can be skipped for a week.

In these early grades, in my opinion, the schoolwork shouldn't go past noon (if you start in the morning).
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Dianne Muth

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You have received great advice from the other moms.

One aim of Ignatian education is to make the student self-active, so do give a schedule for what is to be done and have the child check it off when it's finished. Teach religion, science, geography, and history together, but make history, geography, and science light subjects, and if you don't get to them at all, it's okay. They are young enough that they will not miss much in those three subjects. Concentrate on the basics, reading, writing, phonics, English grammar, spelling, and math. With the math, do not make the student do all of the problems if you know the concept has been mastered. Is it possible for your husband to take over the math program in the evenings? When you feel like you need a nap, give everyone a little break, sit down, maybe put on some classical music for everyone to enjoy, or have special coloring books for the children to spend some quiet time with.
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I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the good advice from you guys. I like the idea of an incentive system and checklist, and I will definitely use some quiet time to rest. I hadn't thought about skipping cleaning! I am kind of a neat freak but I guess I will have to accept more clutter. Thanks so much! And if you have anything more keep it coming!
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