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Trying to adapt homeschooling for my 8yr old boy

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Trying to adapt homeschooling for my 8yr old boy
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Our son Thomas loves to learn on his own and perform inventions/experiments...he has even elucidated his own teaching philosophy that school should be 2/3's 'experience' and 1/3 'learning'....we can give him books and assignments and he'll complete most of them flawlessly on his own - he has no problem with practically any material we give him..... We pulled him out of public school because we didn't want his inventive personality crushed, we wanted to give him a full classical religious education, and he was absolutely bored during 2nd grade...and his teachers for the last two years have been giving him the maximum possible grades in all subjects... we were getting the impression that the teachers were using him to help teach the other students rather than focusing extra time on him to encourage his own learning.

We're 2 weeks into homeschooling now and it has mostly gone well, except that occasionally Thomas will throw tantrums because he is being asked to do all this book learning and he doesn't see the point of it. He claims he can learn all the material by doing his own projects or the material isn't just relevant to him. I've read up on other successful home school parents, and it seems that the proper way to respond to this is to let his interests direct where we focus use his own curiosity to drive learning. To bring in as much external material specific to his interests as possible.

Still, I'm not sure yet how to ensure he gets all the course material for the year done while also letting him be in control..... Are there any other tips for how to handle and balance this?
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I am not a Kolbe counselor but do having an understanding of a very high functioning gifted child. It sounds like you have a very hands on and gifted kinesthetic learner on your hands. I have a son that is a self directed learner for the most part. But, he is going into 5th grade and I wish I had drawn him into the textbooks a little sooner rather than just doing learning through different tasks and projects. I would advise you to be careful with letting a gifted child do too much of the directing as it may not be in his best interest later on. You might could combine both the textbook learning with him being able to complete a project where he can further explore on his own. He may be resistant initially, but these kids also crave structure and when they feel things are more structured they settle into it. This does not mean he can't still have fun with his learning. He may also be going through that developmental growth period before the higher level processing kicks in. Once he settles into that, he may do better with the textbooks. I would recommend you reading a book on gifted learning styles...maybe you already have Wink . Some of his intellectual energy might be sufficed by being involved in a science club or a chess club or something of the sort.

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Kimberly has given excellent advice. You do not have to make him do all of the written work that is assigned if that is the problem. My only other suggestion is that you approach it from a spiritual angle. Jesus expects him to do as his parents tell him even if he doesn't understand why. Sometimes dad doesn't feel like going to work and mom doesn't feel like doing the laundry, etc. They know it is God's will that they do it, so they offer it up as a sacrifice. We all need to make sacrifices.
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