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Apologia Science

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Apologia Science
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Kim Serrano

Joined: 28 Feb 2008
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Hi Kolbe Academy, I will be registering my daughte this year for 9th grade. For 8th grade, we have been using Apologia Science and my daughter really likes it. I was told over the phone that Kolbe really doesn't approve of this program. I am curious because Our Lady of Victory Home School program and the Seton Home School Program both use Apologia Science. My daughter does not plan on going to a four year college so I feel that if Apologia is what she feels comfortable and works well for her, that we should stick with it. Thanks!
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Renee in NC

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I am interested in why Kolbe doesn't recommend Apologia Science. Is it less rigorous or is it a doctrine problem?
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Megan Lengyel

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Location: Alpharetta, GA; formerly, Napa, CA; originally St. Louis, MO

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Dear Kim and Renee,

It isn't that we don't "approve" of the program (you are welcome to substitute with it for certain for the Magna and Standard), but we don't recommend it. Just want to make sure you are clear on that point.

We primarily do not recommend it b/c it is not very rigorous (we do not feel it is college preparatory in nature), and secondly b/c it is a protestant publisher who has some anti-Catholic sentiment (especially in their general science text) and we tend not to support such publishers when there are reasonable (if not better) alternatives. I believe I had a post explaining all of the reasons somewhere on the forum if you do a search on Apologia.

Overall, Kolbe always upholds that the parent is the primary educator so it is completely your call in the end (and we will offer our opinion if warranted). There are certain curriculum that we feel strongly about guiding our parents away from, especially ones that do not give students an extensive coverage of a subject that they may not ever see again (i.e. apologia biology does not cover anatomy). We know that many students will not major in (fill in the blank), so having solid curriculum in every subject in high school may be the last time the student ever encounters it again (until they are homeschooling their own Wink.

We do realize that other Catholic home school programs recommend it, so we understand why many home school parents naturally tend toward these recommendations. But, I hope this helps clear up any confusion you may about Apologia.

God bless,

Megan Lengyel
Kolbe Academy Home School
Online Academy Director
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I use Apologia for seventh, eighth, and for biology.
Yes, they are not as rigorous as some of the other courses. But my kids are not going into science-related fields.
As for the anti-Catholicism in the is minimal compared with the great discussions of evolution, the discussion of the fact that up until a couple of hundred years ago, most scientists were Christians, etc. The only anti-Catholic item I remember is the whole treatment of the Galileo issue.

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I have to say that our experience with Apologia has been wonderful. As far as the Gallileo comment, my daughter came to me and said, "there's something in my book that I think is wrong". We discussed the issue and researched it so she would know the truth. She used these books for Physical Science (8th grade) Chemistry (9th grade) and Physics (10th grade). This past summer she took a college course in "Cellular and Molecular Biology", not having taken any Biology. Except for lacking some organic chemistry principles, her chemistry and physics courses were sufficient for this very difficult course. She just started courses in Nutrition and Biology for Pre-Health professionals at the local college (she is 16). I've looked through the books and again, her Apologia Chemistry gives her a good foundation.

I suppose if she was going to major in Chemical Engineering, a more rigorous course might be better, or might not, depending on what the goal of a high school course is.

I hope this helps.

Lisa Confused
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